Modus B

Isabelle Sophie Heiss - soprano
Johannes Wogram - piano
Bennon Gössel - mallets, drums, percussion


In Mode B, the three musicians combine their different musical perspectives and backgrounds.
They see themselves as creatives at the interface between classical performance and jazz improvisation. With the piano, percussion / mallets and voice instrumentation, they move the spiritual and secular repertoire off different epochs from their usual into new contexts. The musical bridge between style and alienation creates a unique, authentic and spontaneous sound.

For the three musicians, the mediation of and through music is a special affair of the heart. The focus is on a shared experience that focuses on the special sonority and charisma of the music and gives its time and space its effect. In this "intermediate world" a unique correlation between music, audience and interpreters can unfold.


  1. Modus B - Teaser [04:37]